Need someone to talk to ? We listen to your concerns and needs and will help you find the answer.  We can connect you to the agency that will provide assistance.

Basics: Do you require food, shelter, clothing, a car repair, electric bill, heating assistance?  Call us to tap into our resources.

Health Care: Do you require medical care and do not have insurance?  Is your insurance inadequate due to a high co-pay or deductible?  Have a question about signing up for one of Vermont's state insurance programs or pharmacy assistance?  Are you new to the area and might have a question about area providers? We can assist you in finding a physician, answer Medicaid/Medicare questions, refer you to an Urgent Care facility and discuss medical choices. Call us for assistance.

Family Services: PFS provides various Family Services such as: Outreach, Coordination of Services, Advocacy, Systems Navigation, and Adult Mentoring. We can help refer you to other service providers if you or your child might need someone to talk to about a personal or family issue.  Is there a question or concern and you have no idea where to turn ?  Call us at (802) 387-2120.

Welcome Baby in Putney: PFS collaborates with Early Education Services (EES) to deliver welcome bags filled with area resources and little gifts for the newborn. It also allows families, especially first time Moms, the ability to ask questions, see a friendly face and connect with local agencies. We can help the family access necessary services and provide information on local groups. If you or someone you know has had a new baby, please call us at (802) 387-2120. We also make visits to new families with young children who have recently moved to the area.