Welcome to the website of Putney Family Services! Here you will find information about the services that we provide to Putney families, as well as other resources in our community. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! Our phone number is (802) 387-2120, and you can reach us by email at kate@putneyfamilyservices.net.

Putney Family Services was born years ago out of conversations between concerned citizens and the school principal and counselor who saw the need to address the factors that were getting in the way of student learning and success. Building from those conversations, Putney Family Services began serving the community at large with the mission to “identify and address the factors that promote the healthy development of children”.  The programs that serve our mission continue to evolve so as to better serve our community. Today, Putney Family Services exists to ensure that every child in Putney has access to a lifetime of opportunity. We work to provide support and resources for Putney families, children, and other organizations in town. By coming together as a community we hope to address the pressing issues of poverty, hunger, opiate abuse, and more. Liz Ehrenberg, President, Board of Directors: