Putney Area Childcare Programs


Elm Lea Childcare, 387-8585. Early Childhood Program, ages 0 to 5.  Rosie Smith, Director. The Grammar School, 387-5364. Pre-K through 8 independent elementary  school. Four stars. Ken Brautigam Director. Sunflower Farms Preschool,  387-8711. Ages 15 months to 5. Suzanne Wozniak Wildflowers Playschool, 380-1798. Ages 2 to 5.


Robin Newell, 387-8586, Three Stars, CDA (Child Development Associate Certificate).  Ages one to five plus school-age children after school. Jen Reffi, 387-2752.  Three Stars, CDA. Takes children ages three months to age five. WESTMINSTER PROGRAMS Carlstrom Family Childcare, Melissa Carlstrom, 463-0094. Four stars, CDA. Children ages 1 to 5. Former pre-K teacher; BA in psychology, with teaching license for ages 0 to 5.  Can offer 10 hours of public preschool.