Putney Family Services developed from a conversation between concerned citizens and the school principal and counselor who saw the need to address the factors that were inhibiting student learning and success. These factors were many including poverty and hunger. Over a year of planning and discussions, Putney Family Services began serving the community at large with the mission to “identify and address the factors that promote the healthy development of children”.  The programs that serve our mission are ever evolving so as to better serve our community.

Currently, we connect parents to Parent Education groups, Education and Enrichment Activities, Family Advocacy and Support and many other services that promote healthy family environments. PFS also serves our wider community with Crisis Response and Referral services and the Putney Community Health Connections, a resource and referral Clinic.

We work in collaboration with other agencies to serve our community, providing tools and opportunities for children to be successful in all facets of their lives and provide the attachments and connections for children and families to promote their healthy development.

Our Mission Statement

Putney Family Services exists to encourage the healthy development of the children of Putney and to support families and the greater community in improving the lives of their children.

The Putney Family Services Board of Directors:

Co-President:  Kate Cleghorn
Co-President: Dylan Devlin
Secretary:   Maggie Cassidy
Treasurer:  Kate Cleghorn

Laura Frey
Kerri Harlow

Ex-Officio: Kathleen Bartlett, Thomas Ehrenberg, Jacqueline Lichtenberg