Putney Foodshelf

Putney Foodshelf
The Putney Foodshelf provides supplemental healthy food for area people in need.
Tuesdays 6–7pm, Saturdays 9–10am
Putney Community Center
10 Christian Square, [side ramp entrance]
802.387.2120 (PFS will relay messages to us)


Who can use the Foodshelf?
Anyone and everyone. We do not ask names or financial information. We DO ask how many you are feeding in your household so we can be sure you get enough food.
How often can you come?
You are welcome to come to the Foodshelf any time we are open. But remember that the Foodshelf is supplemental and should not be your primary source for food.
First time to the Foodshelf?
We have volunteers on hand to help you shop for your family. We can provide recycled bags, but it helps if you bring your own shopping bags. You can even send your kids in to shop for you if that is easier. A volunteer will make sure they fill their bags with healthy food to supplement your family for the week.
Are you on 3Squares? 
We encourage anyone who is qualified to get the extra help, BUT we know it is often not enough. Let the Foodshelf help fill that gap.
The Putney Foodshelf is heavily dependent on volunteers and donations; both are always welcome.