Local Early Ed / Child Care

Putney Parents:  Are you looking for an early childhood program? Windham Child Care Association is a child-care resource & referral agency that can help with tuition assistance and placement questions.  Contact them at (802) 254-5332 or at windhamchildcare.org    

Putney Central School offers a Pre-K program.   For further information contact Putney School counselor Marissa Lazarus at 387-5521 ext. 3.     Parents are encouraged to call and visit child-care programs before making their decision. Do contact Windham Child Care Association for a quality checklist to assist you when visiting. Though the formal school system in the USA begins at age five, your child’s learning begins even before birth. Choosing a nurturing, developmentally appropriate program for your birth to five-year-old will help prepare him/her for success in school.    

Types of Child Care Available:

Child Care Centers care for children of varying ages. The State of Vermont licenses require them to meet minimum health, safety, program, staffing and training requirements. Children are usually grouped in rooms by age. Centers often include preschool programs. Most centers provide year-round schedules, with no options for weekend care.  There is an option for evening care in Brattleboro.    

Nursery Schools are generally part-day programs for preschool-age children (3-5 years). They are open during the school year only, with a few exceptions. State regulations for nursery schools are the same as those for centers.    

Family Child Care Homes provide care for children of varying ages. The maximum number of children in state-registered homes is 10 (2 under the age of two, 4 preschoolers and 4 school-age children). Licensed Family Child Care Homes can care for up to 12 children with a second adult present when more than 6 children attend. With the exception of children under the age of two, these numbers do not include the provider's own children. Children are cared for in the provider's own home, usually in a mixed age group. A very few providers provide evening and weekend care. The State of Vermont requires providers to meet minimum safety, health, and training requirements. Providers voluntarily participate in STARS, a state quality-assessment program, earning up to five stars. A number of providers have also earned their CDA, the nationally-recognized Child Development Associate credential.    

Family, friend and neighbor care is not regulated by the state if children from just one or two families are cared for. These caregivers are welcome to participate in the training and support programs offered by Windham Child Care Association, 254-5332.