Putney Walk In Clinic and Putney Family Services Receives a Navigator Grant

Putney Family Services is proud to announce the receipt of a grant through the State of VT for the Vermont Health Connect Navigator Program. This grant has been awarded to the Vermont Coalition of Clinics for the Uninsured and its member clinics of which Putney Walk In Clinic/Putney Family Services is a member.  Our staff will be trained and certified to provide direct assistance to individuals and families across Vermont and provide outreach and education concerning Vermont Health Connect. This outreach will ensure that Vermonters know what changes are coming and have access to the tools and resources they need to apply for health coverage.

Starting October 1st, Vermont Health Connect will be a new way for Vermonters to find health coverage that fits their needs and budget. Vermont Health Connect is a marketplace where individuals, families and small businesses can make side-by-side comparisons of private health plans and find financial help to pay for care. Vermont Health Connect is also for individuals and families in Vermont to find out about and enroll in public health coverage. Putney Walk In Clinic will be available to help Vermonters understand their health care options, enroll in a plan, and access financial help.