5Th Annual Jr. Iron Chef

Putney Family Services, Putney Central School and the Putney Co-op have sponsored two teams that competed in the 5th Annual Jr. Iron Chef on March 24th in Burlington, VT. The Jr. Iron Chef VT is a statewide competition that gives students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience preparing and cooking nutritious, farm-fresh foods. The competition highlights local agriculture and encourages students to make healthy eating choices and understand more about nutrition, farm-fresh foods, the culinary arts and school food systems. The teams selected and practiced their recipes before the competition.

Team Will of the Wisk whipped together their presentation of “Smackin’ Cheese”. This dish highlighted 5 seasonal VT ingredients that included cheddar cheese, parsnips, carrots, butternut squash and tomatoes. Team Will of the Whisk was coached by Kerri Harlow. The team members in the photo are: Sean Donovan, Breanna Sheehan, Susanna Strothman and Chris Renouf.

The second team, Narwhal Chefs, was coached by Kristina Israel. The team members are: Adam Hinckley, Piper Field, Audrey Maples, Izabel Estrin, and Kira Boucher. Their recipe is called “Three-Way Tofu Chili,” and based on a Cincinnati regional favorite. This is a chili served over spaghetti and topped with cheddar cheese. Their 5 local ingredients included root vegetables like parsnips, celeriac and carrots.

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